Specialists in design and manufacturing

Temic was born in 2001 with the aim of developing new systems for machinery and manufacturing processes of the food industry. At the time of its creation, its founders already had extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, which has enabled a wide range of equipment and solutions, which has placed us as a benchmark in many food businesses, above all meat.

We are located in regions of Europe with the largest concentration of food, especially meat. This proximity to many of our customers, affords a position of permanent contact, giving us the maximum information to develop new equipment that the industry needs.

Our company comprises a team of committed and dynamic people who work with seriousness and efficiency. We work to improve processes, providing new solutions for our customers. We want to remain a center of development of ideas in service sector companies.

We design using the most advanced tools. We manufacture using the best materials and the most qualified personnel. We automate with the latest technology offered by the market. The ultimate goal is to offer the highest reliability of our products and maximum customer satisfaction.

We build from individual machines to large, high production facilities. The characteristic of our products is that they can adapt to the needs of each company. That’s why we custom design, suited to the desired output and the available space in each case.

For us it is also a priority to give good customer service. We know that due to current competition, a fast and qualified service for our customers is very important and this is what we offer.

These are our goals for which we strive every day. We hope that you will enjoy the tour and if you are not yet our customers, you could be soon.