Charging station for sliced and cooked product "Delta Pack Station". Special equipment for high load productions with product accumulation buffer to give a continuous charge to the charging station.

Vision Equipment The vision system that optimizes product management by automatically selecting products based on preset size and arrival speed. The products are selected according to their size and placed on external conveyors. The standard AB69 pickers IP69K, to improve the reliability and the safety of the load operation. Modular loading equipment with the option of 1 to 6 pickers per station. High load production, thanks to the gripper system with pre-pressed stepper system, improving the product discharge to the thermoforming machine. Grippers exchange system without the need for any manual tool.

Production per gripper up to 55 maneuvers per minute, this production depends on the type of product and the slicer available to the customer. PLC control screen, to interact very easily by the user. Open programming system for easy new formats in the future. The main benefit is to provide teams with custom and integrated robots, which not only collect and place, but fulfill solutions designed for specific packaging operations. Optimal, fast, gentle handling solution that has been proven to not damage delicate products. Easy handling, guaranteeing a minimum waste of products. Automation is designed to make it easy to use for any operator. It has a system of alarms of warning that will inform the operator of any incident, facilitating a fast resolution. IP69K machine tightness. Made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304L.

Note: Possibility of adaptation to each of the projects and depending on the productive need of the client.

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Machine purchased for BOADAS 1880, S.A.