Top-loading tray packer TESA-UR50 is a top-load robotic case packer, providing a fast and flexible way to reduce manufacturing costs. Robotic systems offer faster changes, greater flexibility, and greater reliability. Designed for demanding applications with a small footprint, the TESA-UR50 allows a variety of power options, allowing for quick changes. Its robust construction provides high load capacity, improving overall ergonomics by reducing the physical stress of manual.

Combined robotic palletizing and packer system. Fast and flexible combined robotic palletizing system. The TESA-UR50 further maximizes productivity by combining multiple operations in one system, minimizing the space required.

Robust and modular construction - Ergonomic design - Fully accessible design for cleaning and maintenance - Easy to operate - Advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI)
- ready for industry 4.0