The Dispenser belt CRH-3.1is a system designed to distribute the product proportionally in the form of rows.

Its operating principle consists of an input belt through which the product arrives individually. By means of an oscillating movement, the product is distributed proportionally on top of the outlet belt, which will transport the product to a later phase.

The machine is totally manufactured with stainless steel AISI 304 and materials suitable for the food industry (FDA), according to European EC machine standards. In the design process, special attention has been paid to its robustness, durability, operator safety and hygiene.

This model consists of 22 programs, 20 standardprograms for distributing the product across the entire output belt and 2 specialprograms that are exclusively dedicated to the distribution of mincemeat (in long blocks)

The standardprogram operation is characterised by homogenously distributing the product on the output belt by moving the conveyor belt from one end of the belt to the other, depositing the product in a row. Once the end of the route is reached, the output belt advances a cycle, leaving space again for a new row. Once the space is made, the conveyor belt returns to deposit the product on top of the output belt while it moves to the other side and starts again.

In the whole machine, we will find safety guards that prevent access to risk areas when the belt is in motion.