Weight classifier

The Weight classifier is a machine to place on any product line transport.  Its function was classified by weight pieces different products continuously. It consists of three blocks, the first conveyor belt weighing and sorting.

Its operation is that the product reaches the initial carrier, pass by the weighing belt which detect the weight of each unit, there is then the classifier, where by means of deflecting blades enter the product in different qualifying hoppers . If any of the products do not correspond to the weight, it does not deviate, letting go until the end of the sorting conveyor, where we also have a hopper for collecting the data. When the hopper is full, indicated by a light each hopper, which s'il • turns red when it is ready, the operator will stretch a tray we have in each hopper so that the product falls in the box we have a level below and we will press the case to take her to the next point of process.

The system has a PLC and a touch screen control to set different weights work for each classification baskets. You can build a certain number of qualifying baskets as needed.

This totally made of stainless steel AISI 304, according to CE machinery.