Weight classifier Line

Weight classifier Line 7.1 is specially designed to separate the products according to their weight and / or number of pieces system.

Its operating principle consists of a set of automatic folding ribbons will be opened to go classifying the product.

By the entrance ramp, the product will reach the top of the machine. Conveyor belts they will reach the weighing area, where the weight is measured. It will continue to the area of ​​the folding tapes that will be opened depending on the measured weight or number of selected parts, dropping the product into a collection hopper. Throughout the tape is different hoppers which will accumulate the pieces. As one of the hoppers reaches the setpoint, a guillotine will open, dropping the product on a collection belt that will transport you to the starting area.

The system has a PLC and a touch screen control to set different weights work for each classification baskets. You can build a certain number of qualifying baskets as needed.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and materials suitable for the food industry (FDA), according to European regulations CE machines. In the design process it has paid special attention to its robustness, durability, operator safety and hygiene.