Developed system by TEMIC with MONTER collaboration. This leading company on the market have acquired this system.

Box palletizing and depalletizing control system and subsequent quality control for product classification.

Acumulation hopper for product visual control.

Quality improvement with the product pre-processing.

Suitable system for classification and selection of the meat products.

All the TEMIC palletizing systems are expandables with a whole variety of additional modules, all in-house manufacturing. This module system allows a great flexibility to expand  the palletizing systems, with semiautomatic and automatic process.

The bolster clamp designed by TEMIC  is intercheangeable. By the robot coupling system is possible use differents grip systems.

The palletizing PLC communicates with the box transport system. The box line parametres can be controlled by touchscreen. 

This system is a great qualitative leap on the palletizing industrial concept, with a metallic strucure design and use thecnological innovations on motorization and drivers. This allows to obtein a high dinamic performance with a low energy consumption. 

With this box control system, the meat companies have a sure bet for the future.