Lean meat monitoring line


The complete lean meat monitoring line is an integrated solution that adapts to different needs. The different phases comprise weighing, analysing the lean-meat percentage , segmentation of rejected product, storage, removal and delivery.

Intelline concept

The different stages in the process have been designed using the “INTELLINE” concept: machines designed individually to work independently or as part of combined processes in smart automatic or semi-automatic lines. A transversal design concept.

Innovation, automation and efficacy

Our innovative solution brings a higher level of automation to the process of creating product segmented by percentage of lean meat and fat. Where possible, we eliminate manual tasks that require excess workforce, offering a more efficient way of creating formulated product.

Minimising waste

Our lean meat monitoring line minimises waste thanks to the exclusive programming of our automated release unit. This monitors the percentage of lean meat all through the process to combine it effectively and achieve the proposed objective.

A flexible and innovative line that adapts to your needs to achieve an optimal product.

A high-technology automated solution adapted to each client, which effectively solves the preparation of formulas, avoids human intervention and improves food safety.

Innovative high-tech solutions to optimize food processes