TEMIC and NUNA SOLUTIONS boost the Order Management System for the food industry.
This strategic collaboration has strengthened the solution
Temic, a leading technology company for the food industry, and Nuna Solutions have come together to take a significant step in the evolution of their Order Management System. This strategic collaboration has strengthened the solution, providing companies in the sector with an even more efficient and precise tool to meet the growing demand and ensure customer satisfaction.
Temic's Order Management System, already valued for its effectiveness, has experienced notable improvements thanks to the synergy with Nuna Solutions.
The highlighted features of this evolution are:
  • Resource optimization: The new software allows grouping and organizing products based on their location in the warehouse, optimizing routes for operators and reducing downtime.
  • Increased productivity: Automation of the process and reduced product handling considerably streamline order preparation, thus boosting staff productivity.
  • Maximum precision: The verification system implemented in the box unloading area guarantees accurate review of each order, preventing errors and ensuring proper product delivery.
  • Constant product flow: Synchronization of work cycles with production rates maintains a continuous and smooth flow of products from the warehouse to the dispatch area.
  • Operator safety:The robust design and advanced safety measures of the Automated Order Preparation System protect operators throughout the order preparation process.
  • Versatility and custom configurations: The Automated Order Preparation System adapts to the specific needs of each company, accommodating a wide range of products and various configuration models.
With this evolution, Temic reaffirms its commitment to technological innovation for the food industry. The improved Order Management System provides companies with an efficient and adaptable solution to tackle current market challenges. This collaboration underscores Temic's leadership in the sector and its ability to evolve in pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.