The optimization of processes is the objective of our designs, reflected in the machines that make up our technological solutions. We use our knowledge to Improve, Develop and Evolve within the food industry.
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Committed people.

A high commitment to provide a quick and efficient response. A team involved in providing service to our customers.

reliability, robustness and quality

We personalise projects, seeking solutions for our clients’ needs and objectives.

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Cutting-Edge Innovation

Opportunity, daring and leadership

2001 – Temic is founded by 3 young entrepreneurs with electromechanical training who spot an opportunity during the crisis. They open a small workshop with the aim of providing solutions to producers in the area.

2003 – With the knowledge they have acquired, their experience in the food sector and lots of daring, they soon start delivering projects with high technological value with clients from the province who place their trust in the projects.

2006 – Over time, the founders show strong leadership, forming a young, enthusiastic and highly trained team, which shapes what will be the basis of the company and will make it possible to confront major challenges.

2010 – – The “Big Boom” in the industry offers an unbeatable opportunity to make major advances in the project. Already having a strong base, they take advantage of the moment to grow and establish a stronger position in the national market.

2016 – A key year for achieving new milestones. Exports take off all over the world and Temic makes a strong entrance into the Asian market, making a great technological leap. There is significant growth at all levels, driven by the human base and by knowledge enriched by all of the previous experiences.

2016 – 2019 The company opens up markets in new sectors where the technology it has developed over more than a decade fits like a glove. Dairy, pharmaceuticals and hygiene appear as new market niches where the company moves with comfort thanks to the knowledge acquired.

2020 – State of emergency. The spread of Covid-19 has a massive impact on our lives. With a will to provide support and cover for its clients, Temic successfully develops technology designed to combat the virus. Perseverance, togetherness and persistence enable us to overcome this period with success.

Temic continues to believe in the cornerstones that have brought it to where it is. When facing crisis, Opportunity. When facing new technological challenges, Bravery. When facing the demands of the market, Leadership. Our belief in our human team makes us stronger.

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Presente internacionalmente

Management of all the knowledge to give the right response.

Temic has evolved by investing in technology, management systems integrating ERP SAP and continuous training of the teams that develop and make the solution possible for the client.

Our teams of engineers, welders, mechanics and firmware developers work autonomously but with permanent connections, thus obtaining continuous feedback on the project to be carried out.

The systems come to life, they make possible the transformation of products, shapes, tastes, mixtures, packaging, control and management of the lines, discriminating products that do not fit the set objectives.  Achieving process optimisation is the key to the design of the system and the machines that make it up.

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