Elbow cutters


Its function is to cut the pig's forelegs continuously and taking advantage of the movement of the pig's carcasses through the transport chain, there is also the option of an operator.

Laser position positioning

The front leg of the pig is attached to the clamp of the machine's transport chain, either manually or automatically via laser positioning.
This clamp closes and moves the pig's foot to the cutting disc in synchronisation with the carcass transport chain.

Safety & Automation & Production

Once the leg has been cut off at the elbow, it falls onto a conveyor belt or Box. Then, the pig or ham moves on to the next process.

Objective - control & protection

The speed of the pork carcass conveyor chain is synchronised with the speed of the cutting machine conveyor chain. These speeds are controlled by an electrical system that keeps the two assembly lines at the same speed during the process.

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