Burger distributor belt designed to distribute the product proportionally in rows, automating and optimising production.
“Burger distributor belt”
Burger distributor belt designed to distribute the product proportionally in rows.
“This model has 22 programs, 20 ‘standard’ ones to distribute the product across all of the output belt and two ‘specials’ which are used solely for distributing minced meat”.
Its operational system comprises an input belt on which the product arrives individually. An oscillating motion distributes the product proportionally on the output belt, which transports the product to a subsequent cooling phase. The machine is manufactured wholly in AISI 304 stainless steel and with materials suitable for the food industry (FDA), in accordance with European CE regulations for machines. The design process has focussed on robustness, durability, safety for operatives and hygiene. The “standard” program evenly distributes the product on the output belt by moving the conveyor from side to side, placing the product in a line. Once the conveyor reaches the end of its travel, the output belt advances by one cycle, leaving space for a new line. When the necessary space is available, the conveyor belt starts to place the product on the output belt at the same time as moving towards the other side and restarting the process. There is also the option of operating without the need for a photocell. To activate this type of function, the time between lines of product must be set to “0”. This way, the output belt will not stop at all and operates without interruption. The machine features safety protections that prevent access to hazardous areas when the belt is moving.